Hand Woven Black & White Domino Scarf


Hand Woven Black & White Domino Scarf

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Black and white design, hand woven for us in the beautiful Tyne Valley using only yarn from the Fowberry alpacas.


This scarf was hand-woven for us in the Tyne Valley (Hexham) using *extra fine 2-ply yarn which makes the cloth drape beautifully. It has been skillfully made with a cream border which enhances the complicated pattern.  Suitable for women or gents.

*White extra fine 2-ply made up with fleece from mother and daughter, Fowberry Claudia and Fowberry Hera and including Claudia’s son, Krispin and Hera’s son, Kyros. Black extra fine 2-ply made up from Fowberry alpacas – sisters, Hermione, Geena and also Kali and Jameelia.

The particular way we process the fleece into yarn makes it super-soft. Soft enough to have right next to your skin. It measures approx. 188cms x 21cmsincluding tassels.


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