Baby Alpaca Woven Scarf – Highlander


Baby Alpaca Woven Scarf – Highlander

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Supersoft woven scarf in a Celtic design using only fleece from the Fowberry herd. Price includes gift wrapping and postage to your UK address.


This new range of four scarves is definitely a lovely gift from Yorkshire. Our alpacas are born and raised in the Howardian Hills of North Yorkshire, their fleece is sheared annually and the scarves woven in West Yorkshire at a small artisan weaver.

The alpacas’ fleece is rigorously sorted to ensure that only the finest and softest fleece is sent to be spun into extra fine 2-ply yarn. The resultant scarf has a soft warming texture and at over 2 metres long and 30cms wide, is generous enough to keep you seriously warm on even the coldest days. The scarf colours reflect the colours of the Fowberry herd and no dyes or chemicals have been used in their production. The scarf comes with label attached, giving care instructions and is gift wrapped.

Highlander is a thick heavy scarf with a slightly Celtic-looking design in Fowberry-herd brown and fawn.

200cms x 30cms


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