Find out about our Alpaca Yarn

Calling all Chicks with Sticks!

Try knitting with alpaca yarn and you may find you can’t go back to sheep-wool yarn.  Alpaca yarn is smoother than cotton,stronger than wool, warmer than silk, more lustrous than fur and as soft as cashmere.  No wonder alpaca is called “Fibre of the Gods”.

Our yarn starts it’s story as fleece growing strongly on the Fowberry herd of eighty alpacas.  Each year they are sheared – in May for the bulk of the herd and in early June for the show team.  Some of our alpacas provide up to 6.5 kilos of fleece, others a lot less. A handful of the finest-fleeced alpacas are chosen to have yarn spun from just their own fleecegrey jumper.

Alpaca fleece uniquely shares the characteristics of both hair and woolmaking it supremely warm and insulating.  As with all animal fibre yarn, weight may vary by up to 17%, dependent on climatic conditions of storage.

Yarn price includes: packing and postage by Royal Mail 2nd Class.

Treat yourself to our gorgeously soft yarn and make yourself something sumptuous.

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