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Fowberry Alpaca Garments and Alpaca Gifts

Soft by nature, beautiful by design……

ladygreygloveThe yarn for our knitwear garments comes only from our herd of alpacas which are sheared once a year. We rigorously grade the shorn fleece to ensure that only the finest, softest fleece goes forward to be spun. Our fleece is processed in as environmentally friendly way as possible with no dyes, bleach or chemicals, thereby protecting the natural lustre and elasticity of this luxurious 100% alpaca yarn. Alpaca garments are crafted using yarn in various weights and styles with some made with just one ‘named’ alpaca’s fleece and display a photo of the alpaca on the label. Apart from clothing, please view our many other alpaca product lines: alpaca hand bags, yarn and knitting kits. Please remember that our prices include garment gift wrapping using Fowberry Alpacas satin ribbon and postage to your UK home.

Gift packagingSecure on-line ordering using Paypal. All our prices include gift wrapping and delivery to your U.K. home. Knitwear designed for more than one generation’

Alpaca Courses

Alpaca Educational Workshop                      Alpaca Courses - Advanced

Alpaca Gifts

Alpaca Hand Bags, Alpaca Teddies, Alpaca Hearts and Knitted Hat Kits.

Alpaca Scarves & Wraps

Hand Woven Scarves, Hand Knitted Stoles, Elmira Scarves. All in 100% Alpaca.

Alpaca Yarn

100% alpaca in our luxuriously soft yarn. Go on, treat yourself!