Red Squirrel Characteristics

Pip Copyright Fowberry AlpacasRed squirrels have fur which ranges from blonde or pale orange, through deep reddish-brown to almost black with ear tufts which are easier to spot in winter. They have bushy tails, which may bleach lighter in summer, with one indication of a youngster being a thinner, less bushy tail and looking lighter in weight. Their tails act as a rudder when moving or jumping – up to twenty feet – and acts as a cosy coat held over their backs while stationary in cold weather.

Red squirrels have long whiskers, which they use to find their way around inside their drey. Grey squirrels are stockier and heavier, with mouse-like ears growing much less hair and a halo of white around their tail.

Red squirrels facts
Length: 180 – 244 mm with a tail about 180 mm.
Weight: adults 280 – 350g (greys 500 – 600g).
Lifespan: between 3 to 6 years.