Spiral Alpaca Scarf

Spiral Alpaca Scarf


A Spiral Alpaca Scarf which looks complicated, but is a simple design with the addition of pink, crochet alpaca flowers.


This Spiral Alpaca Scarf is created with 4-ply Fowberry alpacas yarn in Winter White.  The pink crochet flower decorations are also alpaca yarn, although not from the Fowberry herd of alpacas.

This trendy design shows how versatile alpaca is, as the yarn’s elasticity helps in the design.  Many people can wear alpaca next to their skin, because of the absence of prickly coarser fibres.  Much of the yarn from the Fowberry alpacas is as soft as cashmere because of rigorous quality control of the final clip. Only the finest (softest) alpacas’ fleeces are chosen to make yarn.

169cms long x 24cms wide (extended)


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