Pure Alpaca Yarn – Various Colours (200gms)

Pure Alpaca Yarn – Various Colours (200gms)


Pure yarn, organically processed fleece to protect the natural lustre and softness of this most luxurious of animal fibres. Minimum order: 200gms.

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The fleece from the Fowberry herd of alpacas is organically processed to protect the natural lustre and softness. This fleece uniquely shares the characteristics of both hair and wool making it supremely warm and insulating. It also makes the ultimate, natural, un-dyed hand-knitting yarn, free from lanolin and therefore more hypoallergenic than other wools. This luxury yarn is delightfully soft, silky and easy to work with, while still being stronger, warmer and much more durable than sheep-wool yarn. Our yarn is processed in an environmentally friendly way without the use of harsh chemicals that destroy the natural elasticity and shine of the fleece. This yarn makes incredibly soft knitted garments and accessories with a lovely lustre and drape. Slight inconsistencies in yarn are compatible with a naturally produced product. As with all animal fibre yarn, weight may vary by up to 17% dependent on climatic conditions of storage.

In 100g squat balls pulling from the middle. Knit as 4-ply. Suggested needle size – 3mm or 3½mm. Approximately 336 metres in one 100g ball. Sold in batches of two x 100gms balls.

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Pure Alpaca Yarn Colours

Shiny Black, Winter White


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