Alpaca Bird Nesting Material

Alpaca Bird Nesting Material


Alpaca fleece is the ultimate camouflaged nesting material for birds to create a soft, warm nest to raise their young. NEW – 140gm SIZE.



Alpaca fleece is the ultimate camouflaged nesting material for birds to create a soft, warm nest to raise their young. This animal  fibre uniquely shares the characteristics of both hair and wool with incomparable insulating qualities to protect the alpacas from the extremes of temperature found in their homeland of the Andes. Because the fibre isn’t sticky with lanolin, like sheep wool, birds find it easy to select and extract what they require for nest building. Although the fibre comes in twenty-two natural colours, the darker colours of black and brownprovide the birds’ nests with good protection from predators who are drawn to white and lighter colours. Alpaca fibre is as soft as cashmere, but one of the strongest animal fibres in the world – just what your birds would choose. A recent experiment has shown that birds more readily pull fleece from a bird suet feeder – see photo below of alpaca Hermione’s fleece in dispenser.

140g—sufficient for dozens of birds’ nests

Your packet of fleece will have the name of the alpaca who donated it and instructions for use. Discounts for larger quantities (please contact us for more information).

From May 2012 postage charges have not only increased dramatically, but Royal Mail weight ratios have changed as well, making a double whammy of increase.  We have responded to this by giving you more fleece per purchase, so you now receive 140 gms of fleece not 70gms; making it more economical.  Remember there are no additional postage costs at time of purchase.


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