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The 101st use for alpaca fleece......


Fleece as insulationIt is always a conundrum, what to do with fleece seconds of adults (not the prime fleece).  Baby fleece seconds are used in processing if long enough and usually they are because our cria (babies) are born during Spring and early Summer only.  Seconds fleece of all the darker colours including grey are sold in bird nesting material bags and fly tying kits, but what to do with white fleece seconds; we can't give it all away in little bags on introductory alpaca courses as a thought provoking  challenge!

We believe that alpaca fleece would make excellent loft insulation on a roll, just like you can find sheep fleece.  Listening recently to a major alpaca mill owner from Peru, he mentioned that quite apart from alpaca fibres well known insulating qualities, he felt that the fibre uniquely maintained a constant temperature for the wearer, so ideal for loft insulation.

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