Naomi and Symphony

2481bWe are delighted to congratulate Bob and Cath Crosbie of BobCat Alpacas on the purchase of three of their foundation females from Fowberry Alpacas. Two pregnant girls with cria at foot and an auntie will be travelling up to Scotland next month. We ensure that females sold from the Fowberry Herd are of excellent quality, reliable and predictable – genetics that we understand from years of having them and with no expense spared in raising them to be productive and manageable. Fowberry Symphony (white) telling-off Fortitude over the race-way in the photo, has given birth to her first female cria Fowberry Bijou, in grand style – we still have Symphony’s dam, grand dam and great grand dam. There may be some gnashing of teeth if Symphony’s full sister Tansy doesn’t give as high quality a baby to EPC Fortitude next year as Symphony has done this year. Fowberry Naomi (fawn) is a trouble free little poppet, delivering championship fawn babies every year to Nobility. Her cria at foot, Fowberry Balthazar, is her first male of four cria and supremely lovely. Where possible we try to provide a friendly and calm non-breeding auntie to accompany our females, one that will look after weanlings. Thank you and good luck Bob and Cath and please know that we will always be here for you when/if you need any help.


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