Babies, Babies, Babies, Babies, Babies!!


Lots of Fowberry Babies popping out everywhere and so delighted with our cria this year. It doesn’t matter that this is our fifteenth year of babies arriving – it is still as exciting as the first year. We have Camellia, Coco, Chantilly, Caprice, China Girl, Caitlyn, Cleopatra, Cosima, Charisma, Carmen, and Christabel for the girls with five little boys Cato, Cossack, Corinthian, Constantine and Chevalier – already the best of friends – they need to be outnumbered by the girls by more than two to one!! We are thrilled at the range of colours and how fast they are all growing.

CatoOneedCamelliaFleeceConstantineTwo weeksedCorinthianJuly


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