(b: 27/04/2010 – 8.4 kilos. Sire: Ninbella Harrison of Fowberry. )

Paeony Paca isn’t the alpha female in the herd, but the others rely on her to notice every tiny thing that is going on anywhere.  Unfortunately Paeony takes her responsibilities to great lengths, to the extent a lady’s very large pregnant tummy on one of our alpaca courses intrigued Paeony and she needed to examine it extensively from every angle.

Sometimes Paeony has an assistant to help in her deliberations, Katarina Paca loves checking out sparkly earrings. Recently we had a six year old visitor with dark glossy hair right down her back. Paeony and Kat don’t see a lot of children, I could see them thinking:  “Ye Gods – a miniature human with dark fur on it’s back.” They were almost snorting with excitement  at the prospect of checking out this phenomenon and yet gentle and cautious in their approach.

Paeony’s predictable and intelligent behaviour is extremely useful at leading the herd and bringing in weanlings while acting as an auntie. Paeony has a great degree of fawn in her full Australian pedigree and her fawn dam is Fowberry Luella, by EPC Top Account of Fowberry.