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Alpaca Fly Tying Kit


With a unique fleece of super soft wool, coupled with stronger, hollow guard hairs and a wonderful lustre, alpaca fibre makes an alluring fly.

Alpaca is amongst the strongest natural animal fibres in the world and has no lanolin, so is silky and pleasant to work with.

A 30g pack contains the four natural, un-dyed colours of white, fawn, black and brown and holds enough for a lifetimes fly fishing!

 Walkers Mayfly Nymph made with Alpaca Fibre

Fowberry alpaca's fibre was featured last year in the Yorkshire Post when professional fisherman Roger Beck used a mayfly nymph dressed entirely with alpaca fleece (photo left). His comments: "I'm off to Dorset in a couple of weeks and make no mistake, when I prepare my fly box, there will be a few alpaca mayfly nymphs."

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