About Alpacas

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Photograph is of Juliette welcoming her new baby of 24 hours – Naomi. July 4th 2009

Alpaca Management, Poisonous Plants, Weaning, Halter Training

Your fields should be free of any poisonous weeds and shrubs and should run a maximum of six alpacas to an acre. When deciding how to manage your grassland and alpaca numbers, try to ensure that you have adequate grass in the winter for alpacas to forage and browse.

Alpaca History and Facts

Over five thousand years ago, pastoral herders began to experiment with the reproduction of their animals (Guanaco and Vicuna), and learned through a gradual process of trial and error, the intricacies of artificial selection. They created two new races of animals never before seen in the Andes – the Llama and the Alpaca.

Alpaca Buying Guide, Fibre Micron Testing,

If you are considering alpaca farming, first of all, learn all you can about alpacas, to find out if they really are the animals for you. Read books, look at websites based here and abroad and join the British Alpaca Society.

Book Review – Alpacas – Synthesis of a Miracle by Mike Safley

With so little literature exclusively on alpacas and particularly the theory behind alpaca breeding, this book is a hugely important addition to the library of every alpaca breeder.