AAeV Fleece Seminar in Germany

Many thanks to the German Breed Society AAeV for a very warm welcome to the AAeV Fleece Seminar last weekend in near Stuttgart.        We met old friends and many breeders on a well attended weekend.  Graham’s presentation on “Pre and Post Natal Nutrition” was well received with Paul Vallely (Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing) saying that the presentation “meshed” well with his lectures. The subject of the relationship between nutrition and density and the interpretation of       “along the staple profiling” was examined fully. Translating a technical subject is not always easy, but the main points about the pre and post natal nutrition that we provide in our herd and the effect it has had upon our fleeces were explained. It was a most enjoyable visit to a beautiful part of Germany and we came away with tips of our own……..we never stop learning about Alpacas!German Fleece Seminar


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