Alpaca Teddy Bear

Alpaca Teddy Bear


100% Alpaca Teddy Bears, each unique, hand spun and hand-knitted in Peru.

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These Alpaca Teddy Bears are made with pure alpaca fibre, have a cotton lining and non-allergenic foam filling. Although all of the Teddies have a piece of clothing that can be removed, they have no sharp bits, so are suitable for young children. Each teddy is unique, although they all have a smile and they all have hand knitted clothes. Approx. size 29 cms tall x 22 cms wide (baby teddy slightly smaller). Hand wash, shape and dry flat.

Minka is a non-profit-making organisation working with native communities in the poorest regions of Peru. Minka means mutual co-operation in theQuechua dialect.  A major objective of Minka is to ensure that a fair price is paid for traditional, hand-made items. The women who make these teddies live in the Peruvian Highlands, 4,000 metres above sea level.  They are given the fleece which they spin into yarn using traditional tools and techniques forspinning (pushka). The teddies are then hand-knitted using wooden needles. By choosing this Teddy you are helping Minka to provide the 4000 member families with a better income for their traditional handiwork, skills training, basic health care, educational opportunities and at the same time helping to save the coloured alpaca in Peru.  Minkastate that no chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides are used in the production of their teddies – “just native materials like it has always been”. The photo above shows some of the Peruvian women making yarn.

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Teddy Bear Colours

Black teddy with black and brown poncho, Black teddy with grey jacket and beret, Brown baby teddy with nappy and in papoose, Cream baby teddy with nappy and in papoose, Cream teddy with dungarees, Cream teddy with grey/black/brown poncho, Fawn baby teddy with nappy and in a papoose, Fawn teddy with pink dress


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