Welcome to one of the UK's most successful Alpaca Breeders.

Fowberry Alpacas is the home of the British Alpaca Futurity, Huacaya Herd Sire Champion 2012 – EPC Top Account of Fowberry.

Situated in North Yorkshire, we have within our seventy-strong herd many multi-championship and show winning bloodlines, in demand throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. We usually have some home-bred alpacas for sale.

Careful genetic selection through performance and pedigree has ensured alpacas with elite fleece characteristics and correct conformation. We offer alpacas for sale pregnant toone of our seven, highly successful Alpaca Stud Males.

Knowledgeable alpaca training courses available in our purpose built centre. Our experience can help you succeed too.

Our pure, un-dyed alpaca fleece is carefully spun into yarn and then a range of hand-knitted, hand-woven and crochet alpaca garments: from  alpaca scarves, to alpaca hatsalpaca earrings,  from hand-bags to fly-tying kits bird nesting bags, knitting kits and a variety of alpaca teddies.

 *If you would like to explore alpaca ownership, please do not hesitate to contact us.*


Stud Males

See a selection of our Stud Males.

These males are chosen to improve conformation and fleece in future generations.

For Sale

Buy with Confidence

Superior quality alpacas carrying valuable fleeces and with the renowned Fowberry support structure.


Our Alpaca Courses and Workshop.

Our alpaca training centre is in purpose-built centrally heated accommodation with a conference room, dining room and bathroom.

Latest News

Naomi and Symphony

Naomi and Symphony to Scotland

Latest News

Fowberry Briar Rose

Briar Rose was born to maiden mum Fowberry Twilight at 8.3 kilos.

Latest News

EP Cambridge Golden Age

A new Australian super star joins the Fowberry stable of males.